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Hello everyone! My name is Patricia De Colombres, I’m the founder and CEO of Nomandino. And I’m so excited to share with you all a little bit about our brand:

I started this company because I am a proud mexican and wanted to show the world the amazing manufacturing Mexico has to offer while offering a stylish boot.   For these boots, I was inspired by moving to Texas, and wanted to incorporate both incredibly important aspects of my life into a product that I have worked many years on, and have become extremely proud of.  As a mother, always keeping my kids in mind, I wanted to create something that was new in the market and knew that all moms would love once they saw our quality and .

At Nomandino, we design luxurious western boots handmade by talented craftsmen using the highest quality materials such as soft genuine leather. That contributes to the goal of a flexible, fashionable, and comfortable baby boot which is perfect for your child's first steps. Because of this, we want to thank our customers for being the main priority and hope you enjoy our boots as much as we enjoy making them.

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